What is this?? This is not only Vol.1 ... or Vol. 2 ... but also Vol. 3 #OmBooty Programs *All in one

- 6 months worth of training!! Each program is designed to not only give you daily amazing workouts but to TEACH you how to develop your glutes and legs effectively using resistance Bands and weights.


Each stage will help you tone, grow and shape your body, using the same methods we personally have been following and perfectly throughout this 2 years!! With your purchase you receive:

  • OmBooty Vol. 1 - 8 week glute focused program following our effective method "high/medium/low" split training.
  • OmBooty Vol 2 - 8 week glute focused program and introduction to more upper body and full workouts too.
  • OmBooty Vol. 3 - 8 week program design in a more traditional split weight training method to grow your gains.


  • 8 week vegan Meal plan design for each stage of your journey
  • Personalized attention from our vegan nutritionist @roxcalzada.
  • Motivational/support groups, a beautiful growing community!
  • Personal attention from us via email, DM or inbox to answer any question.


Half a year of training for an amazing price!! Excited to start training with you!! Remember all prices are in Mexican pesos.


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    ** Consult your doctor if you have any problem exercising before starting the program.

    *** When buying this challenge; You understand that as any other physical activity there is a risk of injury, so the user / client takes full responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur when performing the program / training, therefor releasing Om Twiins from charge and any responsability.